Introducing Lab Grown Diamonds @ Baldwins Jewellery

At Baldwin Jewellery we have been at the forefront of the diamond jewellery industry for over 66 years. In an ever expanding world of faceless websites and retail outlets, we pride ourselves on continuing to create finely crafted diamond jewellery and providing a luxurious shopping experience with a personal touch.   

Alongside our extensive collections of beautiful diamond and gemstone jewellery, which are all ethically sourced, we now stock Laboratory Grown diamonds also known as Laboratory Created Diamonds from Hayes and Lake.


We are proud of our responsibility and commitment to sourcing ethically mined gemstones with our membership to the global organisation, The Kimberley Process.  The Kimberley Process (KP) is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain, meaning that every diamond you purchase with Baldwin Jewellery is conflict free and ethically sourced.


Just like a naturally mined diamond, Laboratory grown diamonds are formed from pure Carbon, creating the same chemical composition and crystalline structure of natural diamonds. They are 100% conflict free and no earth is disturbed in production. They differ only in origin from a mined diamond. 


Our new collection of Laboratory Grown diamonds includes Round, Brilliant and Oval cut, single stone and Eternity rings set in Platinum, 18ct Yellow and White Gold. We are also stocking a range of Lab grown diamond studs and single stone pendants.


We share the view of other leading brands in the industry that “Diamonds are not just forever they are for everyone”, we believe that Laboratory Grown Diamonds have a place next to our traditionally mined Diamonds. They allow more people to access the beauty and experience the joy of wearing a diamond pendant or ring.


Creating bespoke pieces, is something we are renowned for here at Baldwin Jewellery. Alongside the Laboratory grown diamonds, to continue our eco-friendly drive we are also able to utilise ethically mined gold in our design and making process. 


Gold is an extremely versatile material lending itself to renewal through recycling. Using our craftsmanship and design service we are able to recycle older pieces of gold by recasting to produce new and exciting pieces. 


You can view our new collection of Labratory grown diamonds on our website or by visiting us, in store where you can see for yourself the beauty and alchemy of these new stones.


18ct Emerald Cut 3 Stone Diamond Ring

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