Data protection Policy

John Baldwin ( Tavistock ) Ltd collects and uses personal and business data on the basis that it is in its legitimate interests to do so and to keep records of transactions to provide a service to its customers.

This information is processed on our computer system which is protected by antivirus and malware software, and which is backed up on a regular basis. None of this information will be shared with third parties or for any other use than carrying on our legitimate business needs.

The information might be accessed for example by our IT suppliers or accountants in the course of their work as our service providers and any agency if required by Court Order or due legal process or regulatory authority.

Data subjects have the right of access to their own data which we hold and these rights can be found on the Information Commissioners website.

Internet communications, which includes e-mail, is not secure and we cannot therefore accept any responsibility for unauthorised access by a third party or for any subsequent loss or misuse of that data. This applies also to our website and we cannot accept responsibility for third party links and advertisements resulting from cookies used by them or other search engines.

Data held for persons or businesses who have not been customers of John Baldwin (Tavistock ) Ltd for more than 24 months will be removed and deleted and any hard copy will be confidentially destroyed although transaction records have to be retained for 4 years to comply with HMRC regulations.

We undertake to use your data lawfully and securely.
We will only use your data in respect of communication from JOHN BALDWIN GOLDSMITHS.
We will not share your data with any third party.

On behalf of John Baldwin ( Tavistock ) Ltd – John Baldwin, Director, 26th May 2018.