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Welcome to our esteemed family-run jewellery restoration service, nestled in the heart of Tavistock, Devon. With over 55 years of knowledge and experience passed down through generations, we specialize in bringing new life to your beloved jewellery. Our nationwide service is dedicated to meticulously restoring a wide range of pieces, including wedding rings, engagement rings, brooches, pendants, and earrings, making us a trusted name in jewellery care.

Why Choose Us for Your Jewellery Restoration?

We understand the emotional value and connection behind each piece and provide a tailored approach, ensuring your jewellery's story continues to be told. Our generational experience ensures that each piece of jewellery is restored with a blend of traditional techniques and modern precision. No matter where you are in the country, our services are accessible, bringing professional jewellery restoration right to your doorstep.

Wedding & Engagement Ring Restoration

Reignite the sparkle of your wedding as a symbolism of your beloved day and partner. Entrust us to delicately revive the beauty and brilliance of your cherished rings. Each restoration is more than a repair; it's a reawakening of the promises and memories they symbolize. Let us expertly restore the symbol of your union, and keep the glow of your special day alive.

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Necklace & Pendant Restoration

Rejuvenate your precious necklaces and pendants, irrespective of the metal or stone. We blend expert techniques with a passion for revival, ensuring your cherished pieces tell their story with a renewed sparkle and glimmer. Let us bring back the brilliance to your beloved jewellery, making them as captivating as the day you first wore it.

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Earring Restoration

From vintage heirlooms to modern statement pieces, our skilled craftsmen will ensure your earrings sparkle like new. Experience the joy of your treasured earrings, beautifully restored to their original glory, ready to be worn with your favourite outwear.

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