Workshop Services

Baldwin Jewellery is rightfully proud of its well-established jewellery workshop which is equipped to the highest standards.

“We not only design and make our own jewellery, but specialise in repairs, remodelling and restoration,” says James. “Combining our wealth of knowledge with the traditional and modern technical skills of goldsmithing also allows us to offer the perfect jewellery repair service. Our reputation gained over decades speaks for itself.

From simple repairs, to a major commission the pride and standard of our work never falters. It’s not in our nature to cut corners or to allow anything to carry our name that hasn’t passed our ultimate test in asking if would we be proud to own the item ourselves.

Having an onsite workshop allows us to stay in control and manage everything under one roof, for a full list of the services we offer, please refer to the section below.

Jewellery Services Simplified

Learn more about our alteration services. From ring sizing to total restoration and remount.

We offer an insurance valuation service based on years of industry experience.

Learn more about our specialist engraving services.

Looking for some extra cash? Sell your second hand jewellery to us.

Checkout our bespoke jewellery design service. Bring your creative idea to life with us.

Watch strap and battery replacement available for most brands.

Restringing service for all types of beads and pearl necklaces and bangles.

Talk to us for honest unbiased advice on jewellery and watches.


Baldwin Jewellery have the skills to re-create a piece of jewellery as it would have been when it was originally made. If you have a piece of vintage jewellery that is heavily worn, past restoration, or you simply want it re-created to stand up to every day wear, talk to us about this service. There’s nothing more satisfying to us than bringing an original piece back to life again.



Our alteration service enables you to enhance the design of earrings, necklaces and rings. Our professional alterations include re-designing traditional pieces as well as ring resizing. This can involve adding new elements like diamond encrusted settings, or redesigning existing pieces in a more contemporary style using both modern and traditional techniques. We at Baldwin Jewellery understand what it takes to alter your jewellery in the right way – with attention to detail, patience and quality craftsmanship.



There's only one person we would trust our engraving and that’s Neil Oliver. Why? Because as far as we are concerned he is the best engraver in the UK. Neil Oliver was trained by the finest master engravers following in their footsteps to produce the skillful hand engraving and preserving the highest qualities of traditional craftsmanship. Although we are not horologists and do not repair watches. We do repair precious metal watch bracelets and catches.

We do not offer an engraving service for machine engraving on trophies and trinkets but we would seriously recommend you consult us if you are looking for outstanding hand engraving by master engraver Neil Oliver. (And despite his reputation his prices are reasonable.) Because everything is hand done you can also be sure that every engraving from Neil Oliver is unique - your signet ring will truly be a signature, like no other in the world.



Determining the value of a piece of jewellery, a watch or an article of silverware, for whatever reason, requires a good deal of knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves in offering this service. Our in house valuer, Michael Inkpen F.G.A, F1.RV, Member A.l.JV and Fellow of the Gemmological Association and the N.A.J Institute of Jewellery Valuers, is a highly qualified independent valuer offering this level of professional skill. All valuations are carried out in line with The National Association of Jewellers Guidelines.

If you have damaged, lost or had a piece of jewellery stolen, we can provide you with a written, comprehensive quote to submit to your insurance company to repair or replace the item.



Gold, silver and other precious metals have certainly been on a rollercoaster of fluctuating prices over the last few years. One thing is certain, prices, in comparison, are still pretty high so if you
have any unwanted gold jewellery or damaged items it’s still a good time to sell. Why not call into our Tavistock shop for an honest evaluation of what we will offer. We buy all types of precious metals and as a high street shop, we give a fair and competitive price for scrap bullion. Whether it's a heavy gold chain or broken old rings its worth asking.

Although we mainly deal in scrap bullion we do purchase certain types of second hand, vintage and antique jewellery. If you are looking to sell any unwanted jewellery why not consult us as a possible purchaser or just for professional advice.



We have a genuine love for stones, and source the highest colour and grade available on the market. With a great wealth of knowledge on gemstones and diamond grading we will always give you the best advice.

Conflict free - Everything that we source comes from a 100% Guaranteed ethical background to ensure that we do not deal in anything that is regarded as a conflict stone (blood diamonds/stones). All our suppliers are part of the Kimberley Process. We also take great pleasure using existing gemstones in otherwise unloved jewellery to give it a new lease of life.



Nothing remains perfect for ever, and jewellery is no different. Daily wear or long term use will inevitably show. If your special jewels have dulled and lost their brilliance and you wish to restore the jewellery to its original beauty, then why not let us give you some free advice about the best options for polishing and restoration.
Cleaning jewellery is a very specialist area and we would seriously advise you to consult us before you attempt to do it yourself. As with restoring any fine object, not knowing the correct processes could irretrievably damage your most treasured possession. Did you know that many gems such as coral, opal, turquoise etc. are porous and contact with cleaning liquids or polish will ruin them? Antique jewellery can be ‘mercurially’ plated; Just a rub with a cloth could devalue it for ever. Opal doublets will fall apart on contact with water, white gold or platinum is rhodium plated and easily damage with the incorrect cleaning method. Professionally cleaning and polishing jewellery is not expensive and the result is fantastic. Your jewellery will be restored to pristine condition. As beautiful as the day you bought it. We have our own in house workshop and can normally, if requested, offer to clean and polish (or Re-Rhodium plate) your rings/jewellery in a matter of hours.



One of our most important facets of the business is our jewellery repair service. Our in-house workshop is one of strongest and most respected assets.

From the beginning, making and repairing jewellery has been part of the company, along with its reputation for providing the highest standards of craftmanship, goldsmithing skills and bespoke jewellery design and creation.

All types of gold and silver jewellery work are undertaken. From simple solder repairs on links and chains, ring re-sizing, retipping to total restoration and remounts. We supply and reset all types of stones- modest semi-precious gemstones to all grades and sizes of diamonds.

With our comprehensive jewellery knowledge, there is very little we don't know about repairing jewellery. You can rest assured that your jewellery repair is in safe and skilled hands. Ask our valued customers, who have been using us for over 55 years!

WATCHES - Although we do not repair watches, we can repair precious metal watch bracelets and catches.



Watch makers we are not, but we do have extensive knowledge and skill for fitting watch batteries to most brands of watch and we will offer this service in-house whilst you wait.

The batteries we install, with confidence, are of the highest leak proof quality.

There are exceptions. Some timepieces, due to their design or internal seals should only be serviced by the watch manufacturer or it's agents. We will be pleased to advise.

WATCH STRAPS - We supply and fit, whilst you wait, leather watch straps. We have a wide selection of colours and widths, all very high quality at reasonable prices.



We are so lucky to be blessed with Jane and her team, our "stringer". Jane's group are so talented, knowledgable and skilled in all areas of restringing and beadwork. We have worked together for over 35 years and she is still at the apex of her profession. The quality of work and loving care could not be bettered. Jane undertakes all types of pearl and bead restringing and restoration for us only using premium quality materials.

Whether it's the finest oriental pearl necklace or mum's, sentimental, synthetic beads from the 60's, the same love and care goes into the restoring it back to it's former glory. If you have any restring or bead work, we would be delighted to have Jane's team do the work. We are proud to have her in our extended jewellery family.

When should I get my pearls restrung?

By tradition, good quality pearl necklaces are strung on silk thread. Whilst beautiful, silk is not overly robust and can easily stretch or absorb dirt, opening the gaps between the pearls. If the silk is bright white, this is a good sign that the necklace does not need re-stringing. If the thread is greasy, stretched, turning grey or the end loops are discoloured or worn, it is probably time to get the pearls restrung.

Should pearl string be knotted between pearls?

We restring pearl necklaces with and withour knotting in between, to your required length. The benefit of knotting between each pearl, helps stop them rubbing together and causing damage. The knotting also helps stop the cascade of pearls should the string break in one place. We can restring pearl, gemstone, glass beads, amber or jet.

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