What Is The Birthstone of February? Explore The History of Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone of February, and it is one of the most beautiful and beloved gemstones. Its purple hue has long been prized by royal families, jewellers, and fans of fine jewellery around the world. But what are the origins of amethyst? What makes this precious stone so special? Let's take a closer look at the history and meaning behind this gorgeous gem.

History Of Amethyst
Amethysts have been found in archaeological excavations dating back to ancient Greece, where they were believed to possess supernatural powers. The gem was so significant that it was often carved into seals or engraved with images for use as amulets in religious ceremonies. In some cultures, such as Buddhist traditions, amethysts were used as prayer beads and worn as protection against evil spirits.

Amethyst is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region, with its name deriving from the Greek word “amethustos” meaning sober. This gemstone was historically used as an aid for healing and protection — it was said to be able to protect one from drunkenness and even evil spirits! Amethyst has also been used throughout history for its beautiful colour, featuring prominently in royal jewellery of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The purple hue of amethyst has also made it a favourite among royalty throughout history. In fact, many royal crowns and sceptres are adorned with large amethysts that have been cut into cabochons or faceted into sparkling jewels. Even today, amethysts remain a popular choice for engagement rings due to their classic beauty and romantic symbolism.

Meaning Of Amethyst
The vibrant colour of amethyst has long been associated with peace and tranquillity. This peaceful energy is believed to help bring balance to its wearer’s life by providing mental clarity and emotional stability. It’s no wonder why amethysts are often given as gifts on important occasions like anniversaries or birthdays! They make beautiful additions to any collection of fine jewellery, especially when paired with diamonds or other precious stones like sapphires or rubies.

Amethysts offer beauty, history, and meaning all rolled into one stunning stone — making it an ideal gift for any woman who appreciates fine jewellery. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift or a special birthday present, an amethyst necklace or ring will be sure to please. With its vibrant purple hue and symbolic significance, an amethyst can bring peace and balance to its wearer’s life while adding a touch of class to any outfit! So why not treat yourself or someone else you love to a piece of timeless beauty? An amethyst is sure to become cherished forever.

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