Types of Diamond Cuts

1. Brilliant Cut
The Brilliant Cut is perhaps the most famous of all diamond cuts. Characterized by its 58 facets, this cut maximizes the diamond's fire and brilliance. The round shape and precise facet arrangement ensure that light is reflected from every angle, creating a dazzling display of sparkle. This cut is a symbol of classic elegance and is a favourite choice for engagement rings. 
2. Princess Cut
The Princess Cut is a modern and stylish alternative to the Brilliant Cut. With its square or rectangular shape and pointed corners, it combines contemporary aesthetics with exceptional brilliance. The Princess Cut is designed to maximize the diamond's inherent sparkle and is perfect for those who want a unique yet glamorous look. 
3. Emerald Cut
The Emerald Cut stands out with its rectangular shape and step-cut facets. This cut creates a hall-of-mirrors effect, highlighting the diamond's clarity and giving it a sophisticated, vintage appeal. The broad facets and large table of the Emerald Cut provide a different kind of sparkle—an understated, elegant shimmer.
4. Cushion Cut
The Cushion Cut, also known as the "pillow cut," combines a square cut with rounded corners, resembling a pillow. This cut has been popular for over a century and is known for its classic charm and romantic feel. The Cushion Cut offers a softer look and a unique ability to highlight the diamond's depth and fire.
5. Oval Cut
The Oval Cut is a brilliant cut in an elongated form. This cut offers the same fire and brilliance as the round cut but with a more unique shape. The elongated design can make the diamond appear larger and can create an illusion of slender, elongated fingers when worn on a ring. 
6. Marquise Cut
The Marquise Cut is a dramatic and striking choice, characterized by its elongated shape with pointed ends. Legend has it that this cut was commissioned by King Louis XV of France, inspired by the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. The Marquise Cut maximizes carat weight, making the diamond appear larger and more impressive. Its unique shape also creates the illusion of longer, more slender fingers when worn on a ring.
7. Pear Cut
The Pear Cut, also known as the teardrop cut, combines the best features of the round and marquise cuts. It is rounded on one end and pointed on the other, creating a shape that is both elegant and distinctive. The Pear Cut is often used in pendants and earrings, where its unique shape can shine.
8. Radiant Cut
The Radiant Cut is a hybrid between the Princess and Emerald cuts, featuring the brilliance of the former and the elegance of the latter. It has a rectangular or square shape with cropped corners and a brilliant-cut facet pattern that creates an extraordinary amount of sparkle and fire.
9. Asscher Cut
The Asscher Cut is similar to the Emerald Cut but is square-shaped with larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table. This cut creates a mesmerizing "hall of mirrors" effect and has a distinctive vintage charm, often associated with the Art Deco period.
10. Heart Cut
The Heart Cut is the ultimate symbol of love and romance. This cut is challenging to execute and requires a highly skilled cutter to ensure perfect symmetry. The Heart Cut is a rare and special choice, often reserved for the most sentimental and significant pieces of jewellery.
11. Trilliant Cut
The Trilliant Cut, also known as the Triangular Brilliant Cut, features a triangular shape with pointed corners and typically 31 or 50 facets. This cut is designed to maximize brilliance and can create a strikingly modern and bold look. The Trilliant Cut is often used as side stones in engagement rings but can also stand out as a central piece due to its unique and eye-catching shape.
12. Baguette Cut
The Baguette Cut is characterized by its long, rectangular shape and step-cut facets. Named after the French word for "little stick," the Baguette Cut is often used as accent stones in rings, bracelets, and necklaces. This cut highlights the diamond's clarity and creates a sleek, modern look with its clean lines and understated elegance.

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